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What does the 130B mark mean?
In approximately 1998, Tamura Corporation began marking our PLXX Series International Power Transformer Products with a –"130B” mark. This indicates that the Product is approved to a UL Class B 130 Degree C Insulation System; Tamura UL File # E92957.  The product maintained the same Construction materials and process, as before. The new recognition simply certifies the higher temperature rating as designated in Tamura’s Insulation System. 

This applies to the PL2.5-xx, PL5.0-xx, PL10-xx, PL20-xx, PL30-xx, PL56-xx, PLT20-xx, PLT30-xx and PLT56-xx series Catalog Products from Tamura Corporation.




What is the suggested soldering process for Tamura transformers?
For all un-encapsulated transformers, wave soldering is the preferred method. The transformer is above the PCB and does not have the temperature extreme that is associated with reflow soldering systems. If the transformer is encapsulated, either process is acceptable.


What is the suggested cleaning process for Tamura transformers?

Tamura will NOT RECOMMEND water wash or liquid-based rinsing process for this transformer due to the transformer not encapsulated (it is open type package).

There is high possibility for "water" traps in between windings and will corrode and eventually damage the wires. Water traps in between silicon steel lamination and get rust.
*The above statement applicable to 3FS,3FD,3FL,PL,PLT,PF and PFT serires.
Case by case on TTC series.


How does the Reach Directive Affect Tamura product?

See Reach Statement under  Environmental Regulations


Will Tamura Corporation of America provide Full Disclosure Data Sheets with Chemical Composition?
In order for Customers to achieve their RoHS compliance goals, we understand that they are relying on suppliers to provide the necessary data to implement their respective programs. TCA will provide a RoHS Delaration of Compliance upon request that provides confirmation of RoHS compliance for part numbers that have a purchase history with TCA for the requestor. However, the Chemical Composition and technical documentation/information is maintained according to RoHS regulations (REF: EU Directive 2011/65/EU.


Did TCA change their part numbers to indicate RoHS compliance?
No. We opted not to change the part numbers and instead rely on the date codes, RoHS stamps on cartons, and separate warehouse locations.


Are the parts themselves marked as RoHS?

No. However, the parts do have a date code.  Also, as RoHS is a marking directive. the "CE"

mark indicates product conformity to the directive





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