Current Sensor Principles & Application Notes

Tamura's original technology : Hall-Effect Current Sensor Features
  • Fast Response Time
  • High Frequency Operation with minimal core temperature rise
  • Excellent Immunity to dv/dt noise
  • Magnetic Field Stability
  • Sulfur-proof options depending on customer application requirements

Product Lineup

                                                             Open Loop                                                                        

 How it Works 

In an open loop current sensor, the magnetic flux created by the primary current (If) is concentrated in a magnetic circuit and measured using a hall device. The output from the hall device is then signal conditioned to provide an exact (instantaneous) representation of the primary current.

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                                                                Closed Loop                                                                 

 How it Works 

The magnetic flux generated by the primary current (If) is balanced or compensated by a current generated in the secondary winding. This compensation current is generated by signal conditioning electronic circuity using the output of the Hall Element. The compensation current is then an exact, or instantaneous, representation of the primary current divided by the number of turns in the secondary winding.

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Mounting Configuration

Primary Conductor

Built-in Conductor

Through Hole

Through Hole

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Current Control and detection of over-current in various types of inverters.
Used for general-purpose inverter, various types of power conversion equipment to control and to detect over current.
Also used to measure DC current from the battery.
- Various types of inverters (CVCF, vector) - Industrial robots - Automation - Devices - NC
- UPS - Elevator -Laser cutting machines -Welding machines -Regulated power supply
- Solar Power Generation System -Wind Power System -Fuel Cell System

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